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Newest JQuery Options & Betas for 2012

Since Apple doesn’t appear to allow for Flash media anytime soon or ever, the best way to display dynamic content for websites and webpages is using Javascripts and JQuery to ensure your beautifully designed content is viewable/usable cross-device, including iPhone and iPad.

JQuery is a fantastic, and one of the best options to date, to include flash-like dynamic interaction elements including animated rollovers, navigation, galleries, sliding pages and news. There have been great strides made in the scripts for these animations. Some of the better and newest JQuery plugin options and betas for 2012 are included here.

Curve text using JQuery and CSS3.

News Ticker
Taking inspiration from the BBC News website ticker, jQuery News Ticker brings a lightweight and easy to use news ticker to jQuery.

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Some Fabulous Make-Your-Own Gifts Ideas

The holidays are fast approaching and not sure about you but I notoriously have those moments where the spirit of family and friendly gift giving gets a bit lost amongst the over-saturation of holiday-time consumerism, sale advertising, and societal expectations. Although it’s tough to make time for it and can’t cover all aspects of holiday preparations, I try to put together some home-made gifts to feel more connected to the spirit of giving, enjoy the creativity, and add that personal touch. Here are a few wonderfully creative DIY gift making ideas that I discovered and found particularly inspiring — from the pickled green beens (delicious by the way) to the magazine basket bowl (simple, colorful and sturdy). HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Recycled Vintage Cameras Nightlight Project
1. Recycled Vintage Cameras Nightlight Project
Visit Instruction Page

Branch Salt Bowl & Spoon
2. Branch Salt Bowl & Spoon
Visit Instruction Page

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8 Brilliant, Must Have Free iPad Apps for Designers

Love the iPad and it’s seamless integration with all of my devices and technology tools, especially some of the latest updates with iOS 5. I’m continuously amazed with all the creative apps that are available. But, have to admit that it’s tough to keep up with everything that is out there and narrow it down to what is truly useful instead of just another icon in the continuously growing number of my swiping pages. Spent some time recently honing in on which ones I really make use of and enjoy as a web/interactive designer and developer. The list below are 8 of the best free iPad apps that I have found particularly useful and inspirational.

The Guardian Eyewitness
Showcases the world’s most distinctive and provocative photographs, providing a daily, visual reflection of global events. Bringing thought-provoking imagery direct to your device on a daily basis. Includes pro tips written by award-winning photography team to offer technical insights.

Easy management of your WordPress blog or site from your iOS device. Moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages, and add images or videos.

WordPress iPad App

Wonderfully done typefaces app that will display individual characters, paragraphs, and full typeface info.

Typefaces iPad App

Cool Hunting
Daily buzz on ideas and products in the crossroads of art, design, culture and technology. Also looks at the people who produce them.

Cool Hunting iPad App

Web Designer Magazine
Premiere magazine for aspiring online creatives and industry professionals. Cutting-edge practical projects, industry news and view, showcase of the finest design talent.

Web Designer Magazine iPad App

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How to Get a Deleted Purchased App from the App Store Back

Ok – I fell for it. Went into the purchased section of the Mac App Store and saw the little “x” next to the word INSTALLED and just had to click it. As you may suspect, the app disappeared. I don’t really know why I clicked it, but I did. And it wasn’t a $.99 solitaire game – it was the $29.99 OSX Lion app. Ooops!

To get it back, a ton of places online said to simply go into the store and option-click the word “installed”. Not sure why but that didn’t work for me.

With some luck, I wandered into the “View My Account” section under “Store” in the menu bar. After logging in, I noticed that that one of my purchases was listed as “hidden”. There it was! Just unhide it, and the app shows back up in the purchased list.

5 Great Ways to be the Change you Want to See

Not sure about you, but sometimes I feel overwhelmingly inspired to want to do something with no strings attached, something that isn’t involved with commercial design work,  something I can do because I am able and not for reward or money … something to simply help out someone else, something to make a contribution to positive change. Here are some things that I’ve found incredibly rewarding to have done and others I have yet to do. So many people do so many things every day for positive change, both consciously and unconsciously, and you are most likely one of them but in case you have these similar inspirational moments and you’re not sure what to do, these ideas may be helpful.

Here are 5 great ways to be the change you want to see in the world. Enjoy!

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Inspiring Ideas on Ideas

Nate Williams is one of my favorite current illustrators and he has come up with an amazing list of Ideas on Generating Ideas. The piracy advertisement is a perfect example of “juxtapose/context” and it’s brilliant. Thanks Nate, I’m inspired by your interpretation and examples of design/layout principles. Highly recommend taking the time to visit Nate’s site to Read Full Article.

Idea Categories:
Once you have “defined” your subject you will now have lots of material floating around in your head to work with. By looking at various creative ideas we can classify them into “idea categories”. With your subject in mind look at each category and see if any ideas come to mind? Are there symbols I can merge to illustrate “music piracy”? Can I change a physical characteristic of a pirate to make the association of music? etc.

Word Play (Pun,Rhyme, etc)
Juxtapose / context
Physical Characteristics
Non-Physical Characteristics
Comparison / Analogy
Can & Can’t / Is & Isn’t
Time / Consequence
Irony / expectations / literal meaning

Dana Arnett Lecture: Books & Quotes

Attended a fantastic lecture by Dana Arnett at University of Hartford hosted by AIGA CT. Dana was really inspiring and surprisingly relatable. He had a wonderful arsenal of quotes and actually wrote several of them down so I wouldn’t forget them. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below.

In addition to Dana’s inspiring words and down to earth humor, he mentioned a book that he highly recommends – Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford. This book looks amazing and I immediately felt connected to its message. Already started reading the digital version.

Amazon Link | E-Book at B&N

“It takes courage to grow-up and become who you really are” ~ E.E. Cummings
“We are happy when everything inside us is corresponding to something outside us” ~ W.B. Yeats
“I do what I want to do, it’s just fortunate that other people like it” ~ Georgia O’Keeffe
“Design can be a force for social good” ~ Dana Arnett
“Behavior is the new marketing” ~ Dana Arnett
“Design has no rules, question everything” ~ Dana Arnett
“Where is the knowledge we lost in information” ~ T.S. Elliott
“Imagination is more important than knowledge” ~ Albert Einstein

Black Boxes displaying behind Flash After Installing CS5 Suite?

This drove me a bit crazy and wanted to provide the solution in case anyone else experiences the same thing – black boxes displaying behind flash elements in Safari, after installing Adobe Creative Suite 5.

Problem: After installing the CS5 Production Suite, I noticed that everywhere there was flash in Safari 5.0, some parts of it would have solid black displaying behind various elements.

Solution: After research and trial and error, determined that this wasn’t a Safari problem, but a bug in the version of Adobe’s Flash Player that installs from the CS5 Suite. The problem is solved easily by downloading the latest update that fixes this and other bugs with version 10.1. Here’s the link to the latest update download , simply install the update and the black displaying behind flash elements will be corrected.